Some Important Things to Remember About a Rubbish Chute Rental

18 February 2016
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A rubbish chute hire or rental can be a good choice for a renovation project or any type of big job where you'll be producing rubbish at an elevated height. Rather than tossing items out a window or off a roof and risking injury or property damage below, a rubbish chute can keep trash directed and contained. Note a few important things to remember about a rubbish chute hire or rental when you're ready to arrange for one on your property.

1. There are different types of chutes for different trash

You need to discuss with a rental company the type of trash you may be tossing out as there are different types of trash and refuse that can be collected in a chute, and not all are the same. For example, if you're planning a renovation job, you need a chute that is heavy enough and strong enough to handle bricks, roofing tiles, flooring, and the like.

However, you might be cleaning or renovating a hospital or hotel and may want a chute to catch linens; these can be lightweight but should also be clean of renovation debris. Some chutes are better for glass as they may be made of plastic or another material that doesn't need connectors which might catch and shatter glass objects. Note the differences in chute types and be sure you choose one or even more than one that will work for the debris you'll be producing.

2. Door style

There are different styles of doors for chutes; many have a hopper, where you open a hinged hopper, add your debris, and then close the hopper so the debris falls through the chute. This can be good for keeping dust and odors from coming back up the chute. However, for jobs where you don't have a free hand to open the hopper, be sure you ask for a chute that uses a foot pedal to open the door, or a chute without a door at all.

3. Note what cannot be put in the chute

Chutes are often designed to handle household rubbish as they're commonly used in apartment buildings and high-rise complexes, but this doesn't mean you can put anything and everything in a chute you rent. In many cases you cannot use them for oil, gas, and other flammable liquids, or anything hazardous such as asbestos. If these types of materials will need to be tossed out during your work, ask the chute rental agency, like Qwik Chutes, if they have a rubbish chute that will accommodate these materials, otherwise you may need to make other arrangements.