5 Factors That Will Affect The Cost Of Having Your New Carpet Installed

19 February 2016
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If you need your carpet to have that professional look and feel, have a professional like Pacific Carpet Care install it. They know all the industry tricks and have all the tools needed to get the job done in the right way. According to Home Improvement Pages, the average cost of carpet laying is between $20-$50 per square metre. However, this cost may vary depending on a number of factors. See what they are below.

Type of carpet being installed

The factor that has the most sway on installation costs is the type of carpet being installed. Some carpets, such as those made of nylon or propylene, are easy to handle and cost less to install. Others, however, such as wool, are quite delicate and need to be handled by highly experienced fitters. They therefore cost more to install. Woven carpets that need a lot of stretching also cost more to lay. Your carpet layer may also consider the type of underlay being installed; thicker underlays sometimes raise the installation costs.

Delivering the carpet to you

If you want the carpet layer to deliver the carpet from the supplier, that will cost you extra if the installer is separate from the supplier. The exact cost will depend on how large the carpet is and how far the total distance is from the installer to your home. Note, however, that not all carpet layers offer this service so make enquiries first.

Removing and disposing your old carpet

You may decide to remove your old carpet before the carpet layer arrives. Doing so reduces their workload and lowers the laying costs. However, this needs to be done with caution to avoid causing any damage to the flooring. If the carpet layer does the removal, they will include it in their costing and this may raise the installation cost. Having the old carpet disposed off on your behalf will also charge you extra.

Moving furniture during removal  

If your carpet layer also has to move the furniture out of the rooms before they lay your new carpet, this will attract a surcharge as well because it's not part of the laying process. You can easily avoid this cost by removing the furniture yourself and returning it back after the installation is complete.

The shape of your rooms

The shape of your rooms, too, can affect how much you're charged for the installation. Oddly-shaped rooms and rooms that have many corners cost more. This is because the carpet layer will have more work to do. They will have to take measurements numerous times, do a lot of cutting and stretch the carpet against multiple walls.

Need a new carpet installed? Ask for a quote first and find out how the above factors will affect the exact laying costs.