Guide To Removing Chocolate From Carpets

23 February 2016
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Easter time means chocolate-flavoured fun for your family.  However, after all the discarded wrapping has been thrown away, you will almost invariably find a splodge of chocolate Easter egg that's been ground into your carpet.  Don't panic!  Here's a guide on how to remove chocolate stains from your carpets.

What you'll need

  • blunt knife
  • vacuum cleaner
  • washing detergent powder
  • clean cloths
  • brown packing paper (you'll get this from a post office or stationery shop)
  • an iron
  • paper towels

How to do it

  1. As with any type of spill, it's important to act quickly to tackle the stain, before it has had a chance to become ingrained in the carpet fibres, and before foot traffic has spread the chocolate and ground it even deeper into the carpet pile.  
  2. Start off by using a blunt knife to scrape as much chocolate as possible off the carpet.  
  3. Next, vacuum the area of carpet directly over the stain to lift away any remaining chocolate flakes.  
  4. Cover the stained area with two layers of brown packing paper.  
  5. Warm up your iron on its lowest setting and turn off the steam.  Move the warm iron very slowly across the brown packing paper.  The warmth will melt the remaining chocolate and encourage it to stick to the brown packing paper, so that you can simply lift it off the carpet.  
  6. Lift the paper periodically to check that the chocolate is coming up.  Replace the bottom sheet of packing paper with a clean one and repeat the process until all the stain has vanished.  
  7. If any visible greasy spots remain, make up a paste using washing powder and warm water.  Spread the paste onto the stained area and allow it to activate for a few minutes.  
  8. Use a damp cloth to press the paste down into the carpet fibres, and then rinse the area thoroughly using clean water.  
  9. Blot the area until it's touch-dry using paper towels and allow the carpet to air-dry completely overnight.  
  10. The following day, vacuum the carpet to lift the pile and remove any residual soap powder.  The stain should now have vanished completely.

In the case of particularly stubborn or extensive staining, the best thing to do is to contact a good firm of professional carpet cleaners to tackle the job for you.  Professional cleaning contractors use powerful cleaning solutions and specialist machinery that will effectively get rid of even the most difficult stains, leaving your carpets clean and fresh.