A Quick Checklist for End of Lease Cleaning

29 February 2016
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It's often good to ensure you give your space a very thorough, deep cleaning when moving out of an apartment or office. This will ensure you get your deposit back and also alert you to any minor repairs that are needed and which could also mean losing your deposit or facing added maintenance fees. Note a few things to include so you know the job is done right and nothing is overlooked.

1. Walls and ceilings

Take all nails and screws out of the walls and if necessary, patch them over with putty or a patching compound. If you added ceiling fans on your own, you need to remove them and reinstall the original lighting that was there when you moved in. If there is a ceiling fan that came with the space, be sure it's thoroughly dusted and the lights are cleaned as well. You might even remove the light bulbs so you can dust them and the light fixtures thoroughly.

2. Corners

Dust cobwebs from the corners of ceilings and clean the corners of baseboards in all the rooms. Note that kitchens and bathrooms especially may need some added cleaning in the corners, as grease may settle along the baseboards of kitchens and mold may form along the baseboards of bathrooms. Give these areas extra attention.

3. Bathroom 

Along with a general cleaning of the bathroom, you will want to ensure the bathroom fan vent is vacuumed or dusted. Be sure you also clean behind toilets and under any vanity in the bathroom. If the mirror has a frame, clean the top of the frame and its sides as dust is likely to settle around the mirror itself.

4. Kitchen

When cleaning after a lease, you want to give the oven and stove more than a general wipe down. Take apart the burners and racks of the oven and stove and be sure you clean these, as well as under the stovetop and inside the oven. Remove any food particles that have dripped on the oven coils as well.

The refrigerator also needs a thorough cleaning inside and out. Remove the drawers and shelves and then also vacuum the coils under or behind the unit as well. It's also good to pull the refrigerator out from its space and sweep under and behind it.

Remember that if all this work seems like too much for you, you might consider hiring a company that actually specializes in end of lease cleaning. They will make sure your space get the personalized touch it needs when it comes to cleaning and you're sure to get your deposit back.