How to Afford Commercial Cleaning for Your Small Business

11 July 2016
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When you own a small business, you may feel that certain perks are out of your financial reach. For example, commercial cleaning services are something you may want but you feel you just can't afford alongside other business needs. The truth is, there are several options available that make cleaning services affordable for small businesses. Before taking on cleaning yourself, consider these ways to afford cleaning services in your businesses budget.

Weekly Options

When you think of commercial cleaning services, you likely think about daily cleaning. The truth is, most companies do offer weekly options as well. These options allow you to have a deep cleaning done once a week on a day, or night, you choose. This does mean you will need to do light cleaning during the week, or have your employees help by doing light cleaning of their areas, but the cleaning service can handle the rest. These services tend to include vacuuming, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and bathroom cleaning. This saves you money by having the service once a week instead of five or more times. Also, check for weekend specials that may cost less or include more.

Small Crew Cleaning

Most commercial cleaning companies have crews that come in and clean your office space. This is to help clean the area quickly so they can handle multiple client locations on any given night. Though this may be available in your area, consider going with a smaller company that has a smaller crew. Smaller crews may cost more to operate while the savings of that smaller crew is passed on to you. You can also find independent contractors who offer better deals on commercial cleaning than larger organizations. Also, consider you are helping out another small business in your area.

Bundled Packages

If you can't find a small crew option or an option that only does once a week cleaning, consider looking for bundled packages. These can give you the most for your money and may offer specials that are not available with traditional commercial cleaning. You may also be able to get a bundled package that cleans three days a week instead of daily or even twice a week. You can still save money, and you get the commercial cleaning services you need.

If you have a warehouse business that needs cleaning, you may want to consider industrial cleaning services once a month instead of weekly. These services are usually available from commercial cleaning companies, such as Comclean Australia Pty Ltd, but are offered as specials that you need to ask for rather than see readily on a website or pamphlet.