How Can You Tell if Your Home Has Asbestos?

26 February 2018
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Whilst you've probably heard of asbestos in ceilings, that's not the only place that you need to worry about it. Asbestos can be hidden in your home, but if you know what to look for you may be able to identify some of the tell-tale signs. Below, you'll learn what to consider and what to check for when trying to identify asbestos in your home.  When Was Your Home Constructed? Read More 

Clean Getaway: 4 Commonly Missed Areas of Your Home You Should Have Cleaned at the End of Your Lease

13 January 2017
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Nobody likes moving out of a rented home, only to find out that the landlord gobbled up half your deposit because you forget to clean one or two areas -- that's why having your home thoroughly cleaned by professional exit cleaners before you leave is such a good idea. While these highly efficient cleaning services know their business and know it well, it never hurts to make sure that every nook and cranny of your old home is cleaned, so make sure to request the following commonly forgotten cleaning tasks when hiring your exit cleaners: Read More 

How to Afford Commercial Cleaning for Your Small Business

11 July 2016
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When you own a small business, you may feel that certain perks are out of your financial reach. For example, commercial cleaning services are something you may want but you feel you just can't afford alongside other business needs. The truth is, there are several options available that make cleaning services affordable for small businesses. Before taking on cleaning yourself, consider these ways to afford cleaning services in your businesses budget. Read More 

A Quick Checklist for End of Lease Cleaning

29 February 2016
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It's often good to ensure you give your space a very thorough, deep cleaning when moving out of an apartment or office. This will ensure you get your deposit back and also alert you to any minor repairs that are needed and which could also mean losing your deposit or facing added maintenance fees. Note a few things to include so you know the job is done right and nothing is overlooked. Read More 

Guide To Removing Chocolate From Carpets

23 February 2016
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Easter time means chocolate-flavoured fun for your family.  However, after all the discarded wrapping has been thrown away, you will almost invariably find a splodge of chocolate Easter egg that's been ground into your carpet.  Don't panic!  Here's a guide on how to remove chocolate stains from your carpets. What you'll need blunt knife vacuum cleaner washing detergent powder clean cloths brown packing paper (you'll get this from a post office or stationery shop) an iron paper towels How to do it Read More