Two situations in which it could be beneficial to use a truck-mounted carpet cleaning service

4 August 2019
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Truck-mounted carpet cleaning services can come in handy in certain situations. Here are two hypothetical scenarios in which it might be necessary to opt for a cleaner who can clean your carpets with this type of equipment:

You are having electrical work performed on your home that requires you to keep the electricity off

If you need to have your home's carpets washed during a period when you have no electricity in your house because you are having electrical work carried out -- such as a full or partial rewiring of the building's electrics, for example -- then truck-mounted carpet cleaning equipment would be a much more suitable option than its portable equivalent.

The reason for this is as follows: truck-mounted equipment of this kind is powered by the vehicle in which it is installed and does not, therefore, have to be plugged into a socket in a building. Because of this, if you use it, you won't have to disrupt the electrical work by switching on your property's electricity supply or have to ask a neighbour if you can plug an extension lead into their home and use this as a source of electricity for the cleaning equipment.

This, in turn, will mean that the process of getting your carpets washed will not irritate your neighbours or increase the length of time that it takes to have your property's electrical system repaired or upgraded.

You live in an apartment on the top floor of a building that has no lift

If your apartment is located on the top floor of a building which has a set of stairs but no lift, then you might benefit from using the services of a cleaning company that has truck-mounted carpeting cleaning machinery.

The reason for this is that the portable equipment that most cleaning companies use to wash their clients' carpets is large and quite heavy. As such, it could take a while for a cleaner to lug this equipment up several flights of stairs and get it into your apartment if there is no lift that they can use.

Because of this, opting for portable equipment in this situation could prolong what would otherwise be quite a fast process. This would not happen if you used a truck-mounted cleaning service, as all the cleaner would have to do is take the cleaning hose (which is very light) up the stairs or toss it through an open window in your apartment. This, in turn, should ensure that the cleaning process is not delayed by the laborious task of dragging hefty equipment up a very long stairwell.